small group discipleship process




Week 1 Skepticism

Week 2 Impatience

Week 3 Forgiveness


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Fertile soil is the atmosphere in which a plant can flourish. Without it, a plant will whither and fail to thrive as it struggles to acquire the nutrients it needs to grow. The Holy Spirit is the fertile soil a small group needs to grow. No matter how faithfully we follow a Biblical model for small group development, we will have no power without an environment soaked in the presence of the one true God.

SOIL is designed to help your group seek the presence and power of the Holy Spirit by identifying the common obstacles to experiencing God’s presence. Humbly seek the power of the Holy Spirit together in this 6-week group process.

NOTE: The weekly outlines are based on a 1 ½ hour group time, with 15 minutes at the beginning for fellowship and 15 minutes at the end for follow-up and scheduling, or other administrative conversations. Feel free to adapt the times and structures to fit your group.


Week 4 Stoicism

Week 5 Pride

Week 6 Selfishness