small group discipleship process



Week 1 Targeted Prayer

Week 2 Sunday Welcoming

Week 3 Evangelism



As a plant grows to become healthy and self-sustaining, it also begins to produce something of value to the world around it. The plant has been soaking up nutrients through its roots, but it doesn’t just store that up for its own use. It produces fruit that is appealing, tasty and nutritious for the people and animals that come into contact with it.

FRUIT is designed to help your group practice sharing the gift of community with those God has placed in your path. Make prayerful invitation and welcoming of outsiders a foundational part of your small group experience by implementing the practices outlined in this 6-week small group process.

NOTE: The weekly outlines are based on a 1 ½ hour group time, with 15 minutes at the beginning for fellowship and 15 minutes at the end for follow-up and scheduling, or other administrative conversations. Feel free to adapt the times and structures to fit your group.


Week 4 Invitation

Week 5 Boldness

Week 6 Hospitality