small group discipleship process



Week 1 Commitment

Week 2 Holy Spirit

Week 3 Drawing Close



For a plant to reach maturity and thrive, it needs to first develop a strong and healthy root system. The same is true of a small group. Without a strong connection with the Body of Christ, we simply will not be able to grow, thrive and accomplish great things for God.

ROOTS is designed to take your group through some foundational parts of building a strong group connection. Build a deep, God-centered bond by practicing some of the basics of small group life in this 6-week process.

NOTE: the weekly outlines are based on a 1 ½ hour group time, with 15 minutes at the beginning for fellowship and 15 minutes at the end for follow-up and scheduling, or other administrative conversations. Feel free to adapt the times and structures to fit your group.


Week 4 Honor

Week 5 Prayer

Week 6 Care