small group discipleship process



Week 1 Great Commission

Week 2 Managing Growth

Week 3 Growth Pains

Seeds (coming soon)


Built into the growth process of a plant is the ability to reproduce. Hidden inside of the fruit are the seeds that produce an entirely new plant. Likewise, a growing group contains everything it needs to multiply its influence by birthing new small groups, ministries and movements of the Spirit.

SEEDS is designed to help your group manage the stress of growth, identify God’s calling and launch members into what God has called them to do. Prepare your group to leave a God-empowered legacy by engaging in this 6-week small group process.

NOTE: This set of meetings is designed to move the group toward multiplication. If you have members that have only recently been invited to join the group, you will likely want to repeat some of the lessons from the ROOTS and SOIL sections for the new members before moving on to this section.


Week 4 Callings

Week 5 Sending

Week 6 Planting