small group discipleship process


In reality, we get bored in our small groups because we were meant for much more than this. In the American church, we never lack for great teaching or in-depth studies of the Scriptures. We already have more at our fingertips than we can digest in a lifetime of small group study. We lose steam because we are only fulfilling a small part of what we are called to do.  The truth is that God never called us to make small groups. He did call us to make disciples. Small groups are meant to be a means to the end of accomplishing the Great Commission. When we make them an end in and of themselves, they lose their transformative power.

When we study the Book of Acts, we don’t see the early church struggling with this stagnation or boredom. Why? They were part of a miraculous, advancing movement of God. They saw God working in amazing ways all around them and it says, “everyone kept feeling a sense of awe…” (Acts 2:43). They met in small groups to support each other in accomplishing the mission Jesus had given to them.  We need to get back to the same thing.


The GROW process has 4 sections, each of them 6 sessions, designed to  guide your group through the foundational elements of participating in God’s plan for multiplication:

The ROOTS section helps your group build a deep, God-centered bond by practicing some of the basics of small group life.

The SOIL section helps your group seek the miraculous movement of the Holy Spirit by prayerfully identifying the heart barriers that keep you from hearing God’s voice or recognizing His direction.

The FRUIT section helps your group practice sharing the gift of community with those God has placed in your path.

The SEEDS section helps your group manage the stress of growth, identify God’s calling and launch members into what God has called them to do.

The real power of this series doesn’t come in study or discussion. Transformation will happen as you apply these foundational disciplines to your lives both individually and corporately. Instead of merely meeting, prepare your group to leave a legacy that impacts the world for Christ! Let’s get started!


The GROW small group process started with a simple, yet perplexing, question: why do so many good small groups stall out?

A group of committed Christ-followers can start with all the enthusiasm in the world to spur each other on to great heights of faithfulness to God. Still, a year or 2 later they find boredom creeping in, commitment dwindling and attendance becoming spotty. Many groups begin the search for a new study that they hope will inspire them to renew their efforts and double down on their commitment. Even with the best series, though, the inspiration will only last a little while and they eventually end up back in the same predicament. They become Bible Study addicts, looking for another fix of “inspiration” to get them through the week.


The GROW small group process is not just another study to add to the mountain of small group curriculum currently available. It is designed to be a process that helps us return to the foundations of our joint purpose in following Christ. This is not a new vision, but a return to the original one given by Jesus over 2,000 years ago. By returning to His original charge to make disciples, your small group can re-discover its purpose and experience the transforming power of walking in the Holy Spirit.